How Can We Differentiate Marketing and Branding?

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Branding and marketing

The two terms marketing and branding are frequently used in an overlapping manner, intersecting into each other’s territory. However, there is a fundamental difference as they address a unique objective. Let’s take it step by step to separate the twins.

Branding is a prelude to Marketing & it will always remain bigger than marketing. Branding is about establishing the value system of an organization, product or a service. So branding is about communicating who or what the product is about without saying “buy me”. Branding is targeted to create a loyal customer base and to influence a purchase decision indirectly. Marketing can convince one to buy an individual product, but branding will dictate if you continue to get a repeat customer.

Marketing is tactical. It is about effort. Once the product is out, it needs to be taken to the market. The revenue counter needs ticking. Marketing gives a push to the product or service. It ensures the product is showcased in right places, with the right brand attributes. It focuses on the values of the brand and creates a message for the customer. The job of marketing is to unearth and invoke the client’s interest.

Land Cruiser

A really quick example to understand Branding against Marketing will be the image of Toyota Land Cruiser. The marketing advertisement shows the truck traveling through African jungles and crossing all the hurdles associated with adventure travel. The brand value here would be the association to robust, reliable, vehicle for adventure. The marketing would be the actual advertising effort of ensuring the vehicle is seen as a great vehicle for adventure. Marketing further needs to ensure the truck is showcased at particular points or in a TV advertisement sponsoring a program that covers say car and bike lovers.

“A brand defines the value indirectly to create a loyal base while Marketing takes this value to the market in a direct, visible way to create customers.”

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